Terms and conditions

  1. Tentative bookings – Will be held for 3 full business days from the date of quotation. The booking party bears the onus of confirming the booking online. If a tentative booking is not confirmed by the close of business on the third business day, it will automatically lapse and become available for others to book.
  2. Booking confirmation –Before confirming the booking, an invoice will be issued to the party making the booking. Once payment has been made, the booking party will receive a confirmation letter.
  3. Payment due – The party making the booking is responsible for the payment of all applicable fees in full. Payment can be made promptly upon receiving the invoice or at a later stage. Payment must be received within 3 business days from the date the booking is made. Payment options are BPAY and credit card.
  4. Cancellation – Hire fees are not refundable if a booking is cancelled with notice of less than 3 full business days prior to the date of booking.
  5. Postponement – Hire fees are not refundable if a booking is postponed to a new date with notice of less than 3 full business days prior to the original booking date.
  6. Fee schedule – The list of charges quoted on our website is to be used as a guide only. Any alterations to standard booking arrangements may incur extra charges. These will be quoted at the time of booking.
  7. The following special conditions for bookings of two days or more, and for whole-venue/whole-floor bookings apply:
    1. Cancellations: If a booking is cancelled or transferred less than 5 full business days before commencement, the room hire fee will not be refundable.
    2. Adjournments:If a multi-day booking is adjourned on the first or a subsequent day, the room hire fee will not be refundable.
  8. Late mediations and after-hours building access – Mediations may run later than 5:30pm. Restrictions to access in and around the building apply after this time. Mediation Centre clients will be notified of these restrictions should the mediation run overtime. A strict time limit of 8:00pm applies by which the Mediation Centre must be vacated. Security reserves the right to ask participants to leave.
  9. Personal items – Please do not leave personal items unattended in the Centre at any time. The Victorian Bar will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to equipment or personal belongings left on the premises.
  10. Damages – The booking party is responsible for damages caused by any participants and their guests or any other person attending the event.